Saturday, 1 December 2012

OH MY GOD...!!

How awestruck am I to consider such non believable things?, like the so called holy places where there is no law,I would rather say rule, keeping in mind my restrictions due to my age. The essence of growing up has always thought me just one main thing, perhaps disregarding other resourceful things is to believe something that only I see with my own eyes happening ie. practicality. However stuff like miracles and magic keep entertaining me time and again, with their logic being unclear when performed but again the world's most biggest magic , its just a trick in my way. Which is and might always be the act of god in the present and forthcoming generations as that is always been expected. But if we have to take a minute out of the so called superstitious stereotypical life's of ours and think to ourselves do things really work out by just three lines of chanting in front of all  rock and steel coated idols that may end up focusing only on us leaving the rest of the world in hay and trouble. I mean how lame can it be to believe an non existing supernatural force to take in database all the human non human race requirements. Frankly has the development in paranormal world reached such heights to consider all these things?? 

This evening I was in this temple forcibly taken as Saturday's are most favorite of the monkey god of the world(you know whom I intend to say so) and there obviously will be weirdest of the existing practices to be followed that can make so called god believe separately in the so called devotees that appear in the so called special and only temple that has probably got a reservation in the wish execution chart of the again so called god. As a matter of fact we all know how ironical is that act and duty of ours that we follow on a daily basis to do activities on both pars, anti and non anti god(which is again predefined) activities that have been clearly mentioned in the human dictionary where so called ethic's and non ethical practices exist, but there's this part of us that keeps reminding to dis regard all evil and believe that u go pray to god and he is partial towards you and you're safe ie. when the world ends you have a reservation to stay safe isn't it?? Oh people, especially old hags please wake up....!! 

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